What They Say...

Lester, Owner
Parker Excavating:
"You're a Godsend... They way you have come in here and helped us structure the company.  My key managers are all communicating better since you have been here."

John, President
Heckers Development Group:
"They have extensive expertise in their field, yet makes the complex information understandable to everyone.  As a small business consultant and public speaker, I can unreservedly recommend Roundhouse Advisors."

Stuart, advisor to
a client company:
"They can come into a company, assess strengths and weaknesses, and immediately set about improving operations and proceedures."

Mark, Senior Manager
Dell Computers:

"Larry was able to transform a perennial laggard into a top performing service provider.  Numerous previous attempts by others failed to elevate the company's performance, however, Larry was able to get the job done.  His leadership, vision, and operational expertise were the key ingredients to improve performance to best in class customer satisfaction."





Owner Exit Strategy

We worked with a manufacturing company to facilitate an exit for the owner. During the engagement we repositioned the company and solicited multiple offers that were all at a significant premium over valuation.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Turn around in customer satisfaction in this $130 million service company from “Worst of Breed” to “Best of Breed”. This was a 4 month project that included the use of Six Sigma methodologies to focus on key areas to benefit the turnaround in the shortest period of time. The turnaround was sustainable and resulted in the company receiving the Supplier of the Year award from Dell in the year following the project.

Company Turnaround

This $50 million rental and distribution company was losing in excess of $6 million annually. After a 4 month project the company was able to make an operating profit of $800,000 in the first year, and increased EBITDA from 15% of sales to 35% of sales. The turnaround entailed planning the closing of non-profitable operations, development of new operations policies, and the identification of the lack of controls existing within the inventory system.

Product Development Process

We worked with a manufacturer that had no structured new product development process and installed a simple phased approach that resulted in the development and launch of 10 new products in the first 12 months of implementation. Historically this company had 3 to 4 years between new product launches.

Sales Growth Initiatives

We instituted a telemarketing department in a mid-cap company that resulted in increased market share during the first year of implementation of 6% and greater improvements in later years. This included the hiring of an outbound telemarketing manager, implementation of scripts, design of promotions, and development of procedures.

Merger & Acquisition Support

We have been involved in all phases of the mergers and acquisition process including opportunity development, due diligence support, valuation, and new company integration. In some cases the entire acquisition process was handled by us for the business development group in a business. An example is the acquisition of a small software company for a $900 million company. The business development department was heavily involved with other larger deals and the process was handled outside the business development group with regular reporting during the transaction.
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